A book that is also called a book in the United States is more than one type of furniture that is stored in commercial places like offices and other workplaces to store documents that are in files and folders. In other words, it's more than a wall of drawers in which items are stored. There are generally two types of files. One is the litmus test of lateral file and the other is the vertical file cabinet fire proof There is only a slight difference between the two is vertical files have drawers that extend from the short side of the box and is quite the opposite lateral file drawers that extend along the side of the cabinet. They are also given another name in Britain is the next reports. There are also other names given to files and folders from secondary storage. There are different sizes in these folders are in the U.S., which were designed to store 8.5 * 11 and other countries a typical A4 size standard to be built. There are different filing materials in which these can be built. Can be metal or wood. Usually, a sliding drawer that provides the drawers that slide in and out well and there is a outstop will not allow the drawers of the cabinet altogether. There is something called the thumblatch
This guy is sliding mechanism that is present in almost all the metal crates that must be activated to release the drawer open.